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All year round


In Summer

In summer the town grows considerably in size with the arrival of many visitors escaping the heat of the city. Local people and visitors can enjoy the festivities celebrating the Assumption of Our Lady, patron saint of Miraflores,which take place on 15th August.The parish church, dedicated to the Assumption of Our Lady, dating back to the 15th century, isa similar style to those built by the House of Mendoza in the Guadarrama mountains.

The lively streets and squares of the village are full of street cafes, where people are able to enjoy the views, architecture and local gastronomy.  After having something to eat and drink, take a walk up to the Miraflores de la Sierra reservoir along the shady paths by the river and through the oak forest.



In Autumn

The autumn brings a spectacular display of rich autumnal colours, which vary from the yellows of the ash and poplar trees, to the deep reds of the maples and buckthorns, and the omnipresent ochres of the oak trees.  Fruits and berries appear in abundance on many trees and bushes,sprinkling the countryside with reds, blues, and blacks, turning the woodlands around Miraflores de la Sierra into a continuous coming and going of frugivorous birds, foxes, wild boar, rodents, and different insects.  When theautumn rains begin, the first mushrooms of the season start to appear, which tourists can then enjoy in the town’s restaurantsduring the traditional gastronomic days.  It is also possible to go foraging for mushrooms on the walks up to the Parada del Rey, which is where royal entourages used to stop on their way to El Paular monastery.


In Winter

"On All Saints Day, snow on the peaks, and on St. Andrew’s Day, snow at your feet”says the popular refrain,reminding us that the snow is one of the principal attractions in winter.  Families and groups of sportsmen and women see Miraflores de la Sierra as the ideal starting point to go cross country skiing in the Canencia and Morcuera mountain passes,or have snowball fights after sliding or sledging down the slopes of the Najarra.  On 3rd February Miraflores celebratesthe festivity of San Blas with the Perreros play a leading role in the celebrations.  A procession carrying the statue of San Blastakes place from the village to the shrine of St. Blaswhere people enjoy the traditional local dish of potatoes cooked with cod.  It is possible to walk the same route starting from the Fuente del Cura.


In Spring

As the hours of daylight gradually increase, winter dormancy gives way to the intense greens of spring in the Guadarrama mountains.  An explosion of colour and life takes over the countryside, pastures and fields are covered in grass, and numerous species of plants flourish. The skies are filled with flocks of migrating birds searching for insects which have just hatched.  This is the breeding season for most animals inhabitingthe mountains: birds which range from the bridled titmouse to the bald eagle, roe deer, wild boar, or dormice.  Everything is getting ready for the most important festivity of the spring: San Isidro.  This is also the perfect time of year to climb the Pico de la Pala, visible from all corners of the municipality.

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All year round
  In Summer In summer the town grows considerably in size with the arrival of many visitors escaping the heat of the city. Local ...
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